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Creative director. Travel junkie. Obsessed with textiles and color. Pattern maker. Photographer wanna-be. Stylist. Entrepreneur. Dreamer. Darer. Do-er.

Leanne McElroy is the one-woman creative force behind Elroy Apparel and it's new younger sister - Nomad By Elroy. Hands-on is her preference in both business and lifestyle. It is Leanne who spends months of the year working with our sustainable employment sewing cooperative in Indonesia, or jet-setting across the globe to find the boldest and most intriguing fabrics to add to the line. It is also Leanne who is most likely to answer any of your emails or phone calls – so say hello!

Growing up and living on the west coast, this is where she finds influence, but the small pockets of the world is where she finds her most inspiration. Markets and souks, small craftsmen workshops, eclectic mom and pop shops in the middle of nowhere...these are what energize and amaze Leanne the most. Each artisan she meets along the way is another chance for Leanne to bring the Nomad story to life.

“Never stop learning, creating, taking silly pictures, dancing, playing dress up, jumping in puddles and singing in the shower. Remind yourself daily to live full, dream big, love constantly and never take yourself too seriously.”